3/10/2017 - Submission Highlight: "The Enigma Duel"

3/10/2017 - Submission Highlight: "The Enigma Duel"
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This week's highlighted submission is a short film by Director Tomas Gold.

THE ENIGMA DUEL proves that a film need not be long to make an impression. Because it is under 3 minutes in length, details will not be forthcoming and we will tread carefully here. Gold's film presents a centuries-old situation - the duel - and lifts it out of traditional time and place, creating a surreal mood which grabbed our attention immediately.

The haunting cinematography allows his visuals do the lifting story-wise. Best of all, though, is Tomas Gold subtly implies that the audience will have a brain to engage with the work. He respects his audience instead of spelling everything out.

The lesson for the filmmaker here is to let your work breathe on screen visually. It doesn't have to be an ADHD experience in a desperate attempt to get attention with quick cuts and shouted dialogue. Sometimes just beautifully composed images and letting our minds take us where it may is the best course.

THE ENIGMA DUEL has managed to get our attention with its quiet confidence.

Check out more from Tomas Gold at his personal website - https://www.tomasgoldfilmdirector.com/