5/23/2017 - Submission Highlight: "Mickey Reece's Alien"

5/23/2017 - Submission Highlight: "Mickey Reece's Alien"

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Elvis. The Pelvis. The King. His young (almost teenage) bride. Dead on the toilet at age 42 in 1977. The legacy of Elvis Aron (or Aaron...yes, it's a thing) Presley lives on today. So many weird stories, still so much mystery...still so much fascination. I remember when there was even a (semi-serious) case being made that he faked his own death.

To be blunt, this makes the music icon ripe for parody, interpretation and even artistic experimentation. Writer/producer/director Mickey Reece knew that and made sure to mine that precious ore for all it was worth with his feature film submission "Mickey Reece's Alien".

Focusing on the last gasps of his marriage to Priscilla, the story is based on...Mickey Reece's pure imagination as it puts its characters in a pinball machine of genres as Elvis endures a career and metaphysical crisis. It's terrific and original...almost totally unclassifiable by conventional description but with dialogue that you can still relate to. Example: when Elvis' posse of sycophants are worried about their meal ticket's poor diet...

ELVIS - "Larry says I shouldn't be eating meat. Puts violence in my system. PRISCILLA - "Somebody get him to eat. He's gonna shrivel up and look like Don Knotts."

Awesome. And Reece wasn't lazy with the acting and filmmaking even when he knew he had a super original script. It looks beautiful in black and white and every actor and actress is razor sharp in their delivery.

This movie shows the trappings of a truly indie filmmaker that sweated blood to scrape together enough money (barely) to do this right and once he did, there was no way he was going to f**k it up.

Mickey Reece's Alien is like a David Lynch movie without the horrific nightmare sequences and that is why it certainly has our attention.