2/17/2017 - #MakeMoviesNotExcuses

2/17/2017 - #MakeMoviesNotExcuses
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The above hashtag has been a clarion call for DITR Films since its inception in 2013. It was inspired by our friends at FilmThreat who had a similar saying - Just shut up and shoot.

I am amazed at how many conversations I have with passionate filmmakers which always end with a sigh and "yeah, but...", their eyes rolling up to the heavens. I get it though. I've been there and sang the same sad song of the indie filmmaker.

But those days are over. I'm here to tell you they really are. You have a smartphone in your hand that can shoot movies and shoot them stunningly.Turn it on and point it at something. Download it to your computer and edit it on free software.Stop making excuses as to why you can't make a movie. Maybe you can't make The Matrix Part IV but you can make something. Make a music video for a friend's band - they'll be happy to go on camera, trust me. You will learn skills every time you set out to make a movie. Every. Single. Time. It is always worth doing.

Don't just take it from me. Our spiritual indie film elder Werner Herzog has all sorts of good advice on this too.

Another filmmaker that can inspire you is writer/director/actor Douglas Reese. Reese beautifully exemplifies our #MakeMoviesNotExcuses motto with feature films such as WARWICK and THE TRASH. Both links lead to the finished films and are great examples of Diamond in the Rough Filmmaking. Real filmmakers find a way to get things done and the ones who do - that passion comes out on screen and grabs our attention every time.