Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Blog!
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My name is Mark Schwab and I am the managing partner in Diamond in the Rough Films LLC - a film and video production company based in San Jose, CA. that curates and executes the Diamond in the Rough Film Festival.

For our third year, we want to use our years of experience to assist independent filmmakers about getting their work shown publicly in the film festival world. We will be as transparent as possible in how a truly indie film festival becomes created and curated.

Each week, you will get to see how we make our selections for programming our film festival as the submissions come in through our FilmFreeway site. Certain submissions will be highlighted and examined but we will never reveal the exact titles. It is our hope that we can provide insight which can help you make the best decisions or edits to improve your film's chances of getting programmed.

We appreciate comments and questions to posts but please make them relevant and respectful. We will do our best to respond to questions and will remove any feedback we deem offensive or an attempt to advertise.